My assignment was to combine three images and provide text. I used Photoshop to help me finish my assignment. I used the tools that would spare me time. Below are the images I was required to use:

Final result: Save Earth

I made the text simple, but with a lot of meaning. We should realize that if we kept harming our environment for money; then in one day, we will realize that we can’t eat money.


We are suppose to submit a major project soon, as a result I practiced on making advertisement for chips. I used different tools in Photoshop that helped me finish my work. It took a week or so but very educational. The professor provided ideas and tips that helped a lot. I placed the photos that I used. Did you guess where do they come from?

20170227_143817 (4).jpgUntitled-1.jpgsea-salt

Photoshop #5

In previous class, I used background eraser tool to remove the background. I took a while to get to understand how the tool works. I had to adjust the tolerance to make it easier on me and manage to secure the flower with erasing it.

Picture before,


Picture after,



Pictures I used,


The Photoshop process was hard although I used different tools because of the small spaces and variety of colors between the tree branches. I used very low tolerance for the background eraser tool. I used different layer and fill them with different colors to give the picture some effects.

Picture after Photoshop,



Today, I practiced on Magnetic Lesso tool in Photoshop.

Picture I used: 20131214_055606

Using this tool to select the sunflower takes time, but the tool is more effective than magic wand tool. I used eyedropper tool to help me select the colors I desired from the sunflower to put it in the background. Finally, I used gradient tool to full the background.

Sunflower after Photoshop: